Removal of cellulite and slimming

Rolletic helps::

  • the disappearance of manifestations of cellulite
  • reducing the volume massaged lot
  • strengthening the muscles and skin off
  • degradation of fat pads
  • promotes blood circulation
  • relieves muscle tension
  • stimulates metabolism
  • shaped figure

Rolletic - your helper in the fight against cellulite

Rolletic is revitalizing massage machine with a constant rate of speed that allows effective use of incentive effect of the massage.

Mechanical massage releases muscle tension and improves blood flow both locally and globally, positively influences the metabolism of adipose tissue and metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle.

Regular use of this machine can be expected to form the figure, degradation of fat pads and muscle strengthening.

This machine was developed according požedavků masseurs and ladies - the clients, who in particular should help to eliminate the so-called "breeches", manifestations of cellulite and storage of fat pads on thighs, buttocks and abdomen, but also podpoží, calves, upper extremities and back.

Massage on a massage machine Rolletic implementing healthy person. Acupressure massage is stimulating pathways, affects and regulates physiological processes such as digestion and breathing, improves muscle tone, joint mobility and good posture, promotes blood and lymph circulation and helps restore hormone balance and nervous system. Massage is not only beneficial for the body, but also elevates psyvhicky man.

Direct action on the matter, the effect is local, ie, improvement of nutrition of skin cells and improve their operations. Pokožka se stává vláčnou, pevnější a pružnější. The skin becomes supple, firmer and more flexible. Significantly improve the metabolism of adipose tissue leads to rapid superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, improves metabolism of skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle. During the massage is also to block the release of muscle groups, adhesions, scar softening, hardening under the skin and reduce the volume massaged a lot and disappearance of signs of cellulite.

Another positive effect of massage device, the release of endorphins Rolletic. This substance soothes the pain caused by feeling of relaxation, physical well-being and satisfaction.


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